Bad credit auto refinance

Bad credit auto refinancing is a relatively easy process. There is still a large possibility for getting auto refinances even when the applicant has a bad credit standing. In the end, the results may be as beneficial as a good credit auto refinance.

Most people know that it is possible to refinance their homes but did you know it is also possible to refinance your auto? Indeed for many people who have high interest sub prime car loans, refinancing their auto loans may be a wise decision. How do you know when refinancing your bad credit auto loan might be a good idea? And once you have decided to refinance, how should you go about doing it so that you actually improve your loan situation?

Just as when you refinance your home loan, when you refinance your auto loan the old loan is paid off in full and it is replaced by a new loan. If when you bought your car your credit score was below 620, the interest rate on your auto loan may be significantly above the interest rate you can qualify for today. By refinancing your bad credit auto loan the monthly payment may go down substantially. Also, over the life of the loan you may save several thousand dollars in interest payments.

Auto refinancing works much like mortgage refinancing – ideally, a new lender who offers a lower annual percentage rate (APR) gives you money to pay off your current car loan. Your loan is therefore transferred to and restructured by the new lender. Your monthly payment should become significantly smaller, and in some cases even the interest drops. Some people are able to pay off the loan faster because of these incentives.

Purpose of Refinancing an Auto Loan

Those unfamiliar with the car buying process may accept a bad loan. A common problem involves an initial loan with a high interest rate. On average, a good credit applicant can expect an auto loan interest rate at approximately 6%, maybe less. If you recently filed bankruptcy, the interest rate may soar to 18%. At first, you may have few options. Nonetheless, as time passes, you may qualify for a lower rate. While obtaining prime rates with bad credit is unlikely, it is possible to acquire an interest rate two or three percentage points above the norm.

How to Refinance an Auto Loan with Poor Credit

Before beginning the refinance process, you should review your credit report. Your credit may have improved since you acquired the initial car loan. If so, you may qualify for comparably low rates. If your credit has not improved, refinancing is still worth the effort. Another lender may offer a lower rate, which could reduce your monthly payments.